two pieces

Last Wish [Utólsó Kívánság] (2009)
Koreográfia, előadó / Choreographied and performed by: Daniela Hernández Faith
Rendező / director: Carlos Rodero

Music: Steve Reich’s Proverb [excerpt] &
Edith Piaf’s
Padam padam


SzólóDuo International Dance Festival [2009]

Born in 1979 in Mexico City. Starts her dance studies in Hungary, then continues in New York City at the Alvin Ailey Dance Centre, Broadway Dance Centre, Dance Space, Movement Resource, etc, here she makes contact with the American postmodern dance, that gives the origin of her actual choreographic stile. For 2001 she comes back to Mexico and graduates in Choreography at the National Center of Arts. In 2005 she receives the Young Creators prize from the Mexican National Found for the Arts, for her solo performance: Aguafuerte. She has showed her work as a choreographer in different festivals, museums and independent theaters in Mexico, as well in Budapest and Madrid. She worked for the hungarian TV2 television for the Megadance program as one of the Jury members. These last years she teaches contemporary dance in Budapest and Mexico. In 2007 she made in the jungle of Xilitla, Mexico, a dance movie; Athanor. Today she is a creative member in the association and dance-theater Company Misero Prospero Project.

photos: Pék Zoltán



Down Under [Down Under] (2009)
Koreográfia, előadó / Choreographied and performed by: Jobbágy Bernadett
Rendező / director: Carlos Rodero

Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concert No. 4 in G minor (2nd movement) &
Three Blind Mice” (Traditional English Nursery Rhyme)


SzóloDuó International Dance Festival [2012]

JOBBÁGY Bernadett (1981, H) studied at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy during last year. Till now she worked with the following choreographers and companies: Van Társulat, Lakat Andrea, Nemeskéri Juli, LIVING PICTURE Theater, The CREW (B), Elektro Moon Vision (PL-H). In research of the cooperation between different fields of art and science, she was involved in the Noisy Coat Project by KEPP Showroom and Kitchen Budapest. For more information:


I realise, I’m alone.
I start to look for my environment. I don’t see anything.
I only can feel.
I try to taste the space around me… to reach something unknown.
Sometimes I stop – because it’s uncertain.
I only know, there must be something… somewhere. I cannot reach it.
I start to look for something else (I start to look for it somewhere else.)
I’m angry about this. I don’t understand why this happened to me (with me).
I’m in a kind of prison.
It’s hard… it’s impossible. I realise that.
I give it up (quit)
But I’m still alive. So I’ll continue searching for something I don’t know.
It must be over there
But I’m a bit tired of this search.
I always realise I’m stuck here, down, and it’s still so close to mud.
I reach something up… the light.
But I’m left here alone.
I’m still in the same place.
But maybe I can try there – there – or there…
Help me please!
No way out… no way out. No way out of this body.
I’m still alive!
I’m still alive! I’m still alive. I’m still alive… (less and less energy in the voice)
Maybe I shall find peace in it. I can jump into this world.
And here is, where I am right now.
And I trust… I think I trust.
Because I’ve nothing else to do.
This is the only thing I have: trust.
There must be a reason.