three wishes

Három kívanság [Three Wishes] (2004-2005)
Tres deseos
Written by Carlos Rodero
Based on the folk tale The Three Wishes

Translated by Keszler Patricia

Performers & Puppeteers:

Vas Éva & Carlos Guerrero

Puppets Design: Orosz Klaudia
Puppets Maker: Lovasy László

Background Curtain: RÓKA
Music: Popular Hispano-Cubana
Sound: Csinos Zoltán
Poster Designed by Gabriel Szollosy
Production: A Baobáb Színház & A Kolibri Színház közös produkciója
Fovárosi Közgyulés Kulturális Bizottsága

Stage, Dramaturgy & Direction: Carlos Rodero


Három kívanság poster



Three Wishes is based on the popular folktale “The Three Wishes” which is part of the heritage of European cultures and the Spanish and Hungarian and is easily recognizable by all text. The drama reflects the plot of the story and presents the perspective of two puppeteers in a precarious situation, rehearse the play with her dolls and identify with their problems. Thus the text presents two dramatic lines that overlap and complement each other. Thus the presentation of the story is enriched with new readings that can be shared by child and adult audience.



Nicasio and Nicasia are two young puppeteers who survive just doing puppet shows for children. They have been working together and their relationship does not seem to go through a good moment: they are always arguing. They live in a very difficult economic situation and always have trouble making ends meet. Nicasio is always thinking about food and Nicasia the things they need. Now just build two wooden puppets, an old and an old, also very poor, and little theater that represents your living room to tell the traditional tale of the three wishes and sausage.

These two old living in his humble house in the woods, hungry and cold because they are very poor. In the sad living room, there is hardly a table, two rocking chairs, and a home with some coals are always about to go out. And by the hearth, a tank, with a beautiful blue fish silver highlights. One day, the old man is staring intently at the little fish. He is so hungry he is thinking about eating it. Get out of the bowl and then discovers that he is actually a troll living water in that tank prisoner that has dangerous tendencies to fall. The fish-old elf asks you not eat it and return it to the tank. The old man finally takes pity and let him free again. Fish as a reward grants him three wishes. Old, happy, he tells his wife what has happened. It is so starved that asks a huge and juicy sausage. The old very angry calls for pudding from sticking to the nose and thereupon nose hangs old greasy sausage. Desperate, they realize that only left with one wish can order great wealth, everything they need and have always wanted, or old nose back to its natural state. The woman begs the old man wants to take off his nose sausage. They try to get an extra wish of fish without any results. The elf, like all elves, is a diamond heart and can not love. If you ever fall in love, you will lose your heart condition and his magic, and in return will have human one and if your love is unrequited, then it will definitely become a man like others. Therefore, the Queen of the waters, who knows his amorous tendency, has put in the tank. But beside the aquarium it is always a portrait of Nicasia, and the goblin falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the two old still arguing and come to an agreement: the third wish is to get the sausage nose old. This happens. But they soon realize that the fish is no longer in the tank. In its place is a beautiful diamond. Joyfully they take diamond water and make a list of all the things they will do now, finally, are rich.

The pair of puppeteers has put all his hopes on this show out of economic ruin and to pay the back rent the house where they live, because the landlord, Mr. Gomez, pursued them without rest and are always threatening to throw them in the home if not paid promptly. Rehearse the play at home and, in many cases, project their own actual situation in the trials and building a curious version of their problems in the puppet show. With the diamond, which of course is plastic, they will dream of being famous and all hired her show.



VAS Eva, BARANYA Róbert, TRENCSÉNYI Klára, HANCZ Csaba, HANCZ Bálint, Alejandra NIEDERHOFFER, José Antonio RAMOS




Tres Deseos [Three Wishes] with Vas Eva & Carlos Guerrero

 Opening Night in Kolibri Színház