las salvajes

Las Salvajes (2010-2011)
From the play Las Salvajes en Puente San Gil
written by José Martín Recuerda

Direction: Montse Sánchez, Ramón Baeza y Joan Arqué [De Mortimers] Choreography: Montse Sánchez y Ramón Baeza

Dramaturgy: Carlos Rodero

Performers: Montse Sánchez, Helga Carafi, Ruth Garcia,
Vanesa DomínguezMarisa Güimil, Laura Galán

Technical Management: STEM
Costumes: Ramón Baeza
Scenography & Atrezzo: Ramón Baeza, Taller El Lagarto
Photography: Jordi Vidal
Production: Elena Mateo
Press: Elena Garcia


Las Salvajes [Increpación Danza]

Las Salvajes [poster]

Traveling in a rickshaw, with all their stuff, a music hall company wants to act in the town square at any expense…Will they be allowed to do it?…

Based on the characters and situations extracted from the text of the writer José Martín Recuerda (Spain,1925), Las Salvajes en Puente San Gil (1961) and through the quirky and humorous vision of Increpación Danza, we have built a parade that uses the language of the company: flamenco, contemporary dance, castanets, fans, palms and drama.


Las Salvajes en Puente San Gil (1961) represents the first drama in the maturity of the Spanish writer José Martín Recuerda (1925).

A Spanish music hall company wants to perform their show at any expense in a small town called Puente San Gil. However the residents cancel the show and what follows is the revenge by the artists.

In this piece, inspired in the roughness of the Andalucia’s towns during the Spain Civil postwar, a cruel reality is presented, a reality where the characters resist and confront.


With a scenic fury, with an exaggerated iberic gesture, with priest and pious women from one side and prostitutes and mad women from the other, the piece leaves an electric air besides.

In this production, Increpación danza takes again the narrative line from earlier projects and for the first time confronting with a theatrical text.

With the theatrical advising of Carlos Rodero and the special collaboration of the theatre and circus company De Mortimers, Las Salvajes is an ambitious multidisciplinary project with a mixed format designed to be represented in conventional theatres as well as other alternative locations.


Las Salvajes [flyer]

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